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Draftseal, Weatherstrip

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Retrofit top quality neoprene, brush or neoprene foam
draft seals into your windows and doors. The samples pictured all have splines that I pressure fit into an existing or newly made rabbet or saw kerf. They will not fall out and, a door or window can be made almost as tight as a refrigerator door.

Pictured at the extreme left are two thicknesses and colors of nylon brush draft seal. By thickness I mean the length of the bristle. The next one pictured to the right is a neoprene dual finned door sweep gasket. Then we have pictured a large neoprene O Ring weather strip gasket. The last two on the right are leaf seals, one is made from neoprene and the other is nylon. The large leaf seal pictured in the middle is a nylon coated foam leaf seal for big gaps on doors that are made with a stop that is set back to allow for its thickness.

Typical Draftseal application

Notice the seal or sweep rabbeted into the bottom of the doors in the drawing. This is part of an automatic system that raises the neoprene gasket when the door is opened and lowers the gasket when the door is shut.
With the adjustment screws the seal can be made to fit tight to an irregular threshold. The door sweep seal does not begin to lower until the door is 97% closed. There is no binding or excessive rubbing between seal and threshold, the door pushes closed with little effort.

Neoprene o ring type draftseal is fit into saw kerfs or rabbets in the stop surface and when a leaf type weatherstrip is fit into the door jamb a very air tight seal is obtained. Little effort is needed for the door to compress the smooth, flexible and resilient seals when closing the door.
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Exterior Door Cross section

Nylon Brush seal

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Brush Type Draft Seal
I chose to use a nylon brush draft seal on this window sash bottom rail. The sill the sash closes against is old, uneven and pitted. To achieve the proper seal the nylon bristles conform to the irregularities in the sill. On more even and smoother situations like the above a neoprene o ring gasket and or leaf seal weather strip is preferred.

The vertical white interior stop to the left of the window sash pictured has a brush seal rabbeted into its surface. This is a highly efficient very low friction weather seal that enables the sash to operate easily. You will notice the dark line between the stop and the sash is the brush seal. Most door and window seals can be obtained in at least white, brown or black colors. I try to use a dark color when possible, Although they are usually removed for painting, painters will avoid getting paint on a darker color draft seal.

Of course there is an o ring and leaf seal fit into the top sash where it meets the head jamb. A dual leaf seal is used between the meeting rails of the sash. Its all about a tight seal, low friction and ease of operation.

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