Wayne Oliveri Carpentry in Sandisfield MA
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Consulting, Troubleshooting

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Roof First!
I offer advice and problem solving backed up by 55 years of life and 35years of on the job experience. Please contact me with issues pertaining to the services I perform. You may be a homeowner or small commercial building owner, feel free to contact me.

Its human nature to neglect your roof. Every one is tempted by first having extensive work done inside the house when the roof is ready to start leaking.

Leaks bring trapped moisture, moisture attracts ants.
It only takes 5 years to create major structural rot!

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I Should have Repaired the Roof
Rain leaks in between the exterior door threshold and the jamb legs. Its trapped in side and saturates all the structural members, standing sill, mud sill, sheathing, it all rots. After all water is the universal solvent and the basis for all life including,
mold, fungus and other wood digesting micro organisms.

Rain also seeps into the walls over the top of exterior window head casings and down between the sill and jamb legs. Every building owner should keep on top of maintaining sidewalls and roofing. When rot attacks a structure it shifts and sags and all the extensive, expensive interior work sags with it. Money, resources and time are wasted.
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