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About Me

About Me
I bring together ancient wood, an artists eye and years of woodworking skill to create my products, this really is a different realm of carpentry. Solid wood and lots of it, no plywood, no veneer. Its a real challenge wrestling old growth reclaimed boards into beautiful home cabinetry and doors. Much of the wood I work with came from trees that were seedlings 500 years ago. The intense aroma, rich color and amazing wood grain is a real pleasure to work with. The selection and preparation of this material is a great test in patience, perseverance and choking saw dust.

This image says it all, classic sturdy joints, thick generous stiles and rails and a linseed oil finish that brings out the wood color and grain. Reclaimed and Salvaged Old Growth New England Pine is the wood species shown. Many of the 2x4" studs in old house walls that I open up for repair are comprised of this Pine and Hemlock. They used to be the wood of choice for clapboards and exterior trim boards too.

Total restoration, weatherstripping and repair of doors and windows so they operate easily and are energy efficient. New doors and windows designed and hand made. Common whole house wood rot thoughtfully repaired so it will not re occur. Whole house evaluations that include well thought out material suggestions and repair solutions. These are some of the carpentry related skills that I excel in.

I hope you enjoy the images and my thoughts posted in the pages of this site. I live and work in Berkshire County of Western Massachusetts, All the various carpentry services I perform are listed in the General Services link above. Please call or email me with any questions or thoughts.
Usually I become friends with customers. Tradesmen and clients are working partners for no matter how short a time. We have to work together to design and fabricate woodwork and repairs that are the best solution for the house and home owner. If the personalities collide nothing is achieved except mistakes. I work with my clients not for them.

All the work posted in these pages is nothing new and has all been done before by others. My woodwork style, quality, and ability to work with people are what I bring to the table.

Big sprawling old pasture trees, Motorcycle travel, architecture and photography are my main interests.

Thanks For visiting.

Wayne Olivieri
Designer and craftsman

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